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Our Leasing Process

The process of leasing office space in the Atlanta commercial real estate market can be complex. Because of this we strongly suggest starting the process at a minimum 6 to 8 months in advance of lease expiration or desired move date. Whether renewing your current lease, expanding and/or relocating it’s important to start early and allow ample time in order to have a position of strength for negotiations with Landlords.

Peachtree Commercial Real Estate brokers use a thorough approach to ensure that no detail is overlooked, and your critical dates and deadlines are met. A summary of our process includes the following:

STEP 1: Evaluate Your Commercial Real Estate Needs – We review your existing lease and examine your goals and expectations (should you renew, relocate, expand, or downsize?).

We help you:

  • Establish your budget and project timeline
  • Determine current and future space and layout needs
  • Define ideal location parameters
  • Identify technical and amenity requirements

STEP 2: Provide You A List Of Options – We provide you valuable comparative information on available spaces in the Metro Atlanta commercial real estate market – including your current location-using extensive market knowledge and research, We examine the market and identify every possible property that meets your specific criteria. Picture, flyers, floor plans, and rate information will be presented via a secure website created specifically for your company, This webs. enables all of the decision makers within your company to have easy access to all of the relevant information related to your space search and allows you to easily collaborate, compare a. Isolate the most desirable space options available.

STEP 3: Tour and Evaluate properties – We tour the most desirable properties with you to evaluate the physical, operational, location and preliminary economic attributes against your criteria, Given the results of the property tour, decisions can now be made on how favorably each building compares to your ideal criteria and a final list of 2-3 alternatives can be chosen.

STEP 4: Request Lease Proposals – We will send an RFP (request for proposal) to the landlords of the top 2-3 properties that accurately address all your requirements and preferences. The RFP has two purposes:

  • Establish terms consistent with your business plan and ensure that the owner will address them
  • Enable you to make an apples-to-apples comparison among proposals

STEP 5: Comprehensive Analysis of proposals – We utilize a powerful state of the art lease analysis software program called LeaseMatrix (Click Here for Sample Analysis) to conduct a full comparative lease analysis analyzing key lease and financial points such as rental rates, lease terms, operating costs, construction and rent allowance, moving and furniture costs, expansion a. renewal options, etc. This arms you with clear comparisons of the proposed terms and costs, and enables us to tender creative counter-proposals

STEP 6: Negotiation and Final Selection – Counter-proposals may go back and forth until we the the landlords have proposed their best competitive term, Together we will identify and select the best property based on the objective and subjective criteria we set, and negotiate a lease that fits your company’s needs and use.

STEP 7: Finalizing the Lease – We work closely with your legal counsel to negotiate the final aspects of the agreement and ensure that the lease documents reflect the terms and conditions agreed upon. Lease provisions invoice an enormous range of matters that can impact your company’s operating costs, comfort and well being for the years to follow.

STEP 8: Construction & Move-in Coordination – We will work with the landlord, contractor, and architect to ensure that the space is built out on time, and according to the specifications agreed to in the lease. We can refer a list of related services providers lie: intern, phone, movers) so you have every detail of the move-in process covered.


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