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Tenant Representation

We're your Local Commercial Real Estate Experts In Atlanta and your competitive edge for finding the right space and negotiating the best terms possible.

When it comes to finding a Home for your Business, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better Atlanta expert, a bulldog negotiator, an advocate for your business, and a reliable partner, because leasing space in Atlanta can be a complex task that we make easy for our clients.

How much space do you need? How much should you pay upfront? How much month to month? How flexible should your lease be? What’s most important in an office space – location, employee commute time, architecture, improvement allowances, etc..?

Whether you’re expanding, consolidating or moving into your first office, PCRE will partner with you to answer these questions – and save you time, money and risk along the way.

We’ll find you the perfect space and negotiate the best terms possible. 


We find the properties (this is what we do GREAT!) & You receive information on the best options.

Save Money

When you know Atlanta as well as we do it is a distinct advantage when it comes down to lease negotiations. Consider us your home team advantage! We’ll make sure your company secures the best deal possible for your space!

Avoid Mistakes

We will help your company avoid risks and liabilities and allow you to spend your energy on your own business. By choosing Peachtree Commercial Real Estate, you’ll know that your business and your interests are well taken care of and that the best possible terms are negotiated for your company.

We Help You
Level the Playing Field
For Lease Negotiations

How can your broker have your best interests at heart when they work for your landlord, too? As tenant representatives, we’re in the business of building long-term relationships with clients. We don’t have that large brand name to fall back on, so we prove our worth by going above and beyond to leave our customers satisfied with the job we did, not by the name on the door.

PCRE can do everything the large downtown firms can do, from a technology standpoint as well, but with a much higher level of attention to each to detail. One thing we can promise our clients is the best-personalized service in the industry.

With the effects of the pandemic and the introduction of the hybrid work model, it is a strong tenant’s market for the first time in over a decade. Landlords are going to start feeling the pain as listing brokers fail to fill vacancies. By working with a tenant rep, we’re able to take advantage of these market conditions to get our clients the most aggressive deal possible.

Whether you’re planning on renegotiating an existing lease or exploring other options don’t wait until the last minute, take advantage of this robust tenant’s market and contact us today!

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